Derek Smart will put up $1m to prove he’s right about Star Citizen

Derek Smart will put up $1m to prove he’s right about Star Citizen

What a week it’s been for Star Citizen and Derek Smart following his removal as a backer. Now he’s even more determined to get some answers from Chris Roberts and Cloud Imperium.

In his latest blog update he recaps over the events of the past week following his removal as a backer of Star Citizen. His determination to get to the bottom of what could be going on at Cloud Imperium has also prompted him to lay down another set of criteria he wants them to meet.

Included in this new list is his willingness to put in $1m if his own money to pay for a forensic accountant to look over the books on the behalf of backers and also the hiring an executive producer, a position Erin Roberts is currently filling following the departure of Alex Mayberry.

The list and final comments from his update are as follows:

  1. You, and your wife, Sandra Roberts (aka Sandi Gardiner), should resign, effective immediately, and relinquish control of this company to an interim CEO.

  2. Using the same rules you used to refund my pledge, without my asking, you are to immediately process refunds in the amount of $2,134,374 as per the initial Kickstarter crowd-funding effort for those who request it. Those who want to wait to see the end (my instinct, from what I know now, is telling me that the end is looking a lot like a catastrophic total loss of this project), are welcome to do that.

  3. Give backers the opportunity to hire an independent forensics accountant, and an executive producer, to audit the company records, and give an accurate picture of the financial health of the company, and it’s ability to complete, and deliver this project in a timely fashion. I hereby offer to foot the entire costs of this effort. And I will put up to $1m of my own money, in an escrow account of an attorney’s choosing, to be used as-needed for this exercise. I will pay this price to prove that I had every right to seek these answers. So this money can either go toward a good cause (righting this ship), or to attorneys who are most likely to burn it all down anyway.

  4. If you ignore this, the more time passes, the more articles that myself, and investigative media write, revealing what we know, the more likely it is that this will end in legal (someone suing someone, and opening the flood gates) action, thereby  forcing you all to come to court and answer these questions.

As I warned before, unless there is full accountability from you, there is no version of this that ends nicely. If this ends in legal action, in any form, all relevant people who are still with your companies, or who have left, are going to be subjected to subpoenas, and depositions – under oath, as this process unfolds. This will just end up being messy, time consuming, and costly, for everyone involved. As you probably know, aside from your inner circle of sycophants, you and Sandra, have very few people who are going to put their future at risk, in order to lie under oath.

Derek sounds like he means business if he’s prepared to put his own money on the line to find out if there are real problems with the Star Citizen project. Even if he’s calling their bluff it’s a bold statement to make. The removal of his Star Citizen account has stirred the nest and other media outlets finally started to cover the story this week.

Chris Robert/Cloud Imperium are never going to take any of the above seriously so the discussion will likely rage on for weeks, if not months, and Derek’s $1m is pretty safe. He does however say he will take out a full page article in the New York Times to prove he’s right.

With Gamescom just around the corner Cloud Imperium will be making sure they have something more concrete to show.

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  • Paul Younger

    Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

    • Rayne Forsyth

      You know, the only reason they refunded him is because they were tired of him threatening legal action. And rightly so. Derek Smart’s recourse to everything is legal action. Someone gave Line of Defense a BAD STEAM REVIEW and he threatened to send the lawyers. The games he’s made have ALL come to this point of insane negativity; 3000AD caused the one of the biggest flame wars on the internet. All because he couldn’t cram in features he claimed he could. The only reason Mr. Smart gives a crap is because the Roberts’ folk stand a far better chance than he did once upon a time.

      • AAAALLLL

        The fact that he’s an imbecile isn’t even the reason why that moron bothers me….I just hope their moronicness doesn’t hurt the backers’ effort, that’s all. Having in mind the equally moronic american justice system, pardon me if I’m pessimistic.

        And he even has the fucking FACE of saying it’s for the backers’ sake???….really, if stupidity was food, no one in the world would starve.


      “on the behalf of backers”….why, just why. Why IDIOTS exist in this world?

      I’m a backer, and:

      1) I didn’t allowed him to talk for me, neither take actions for me.
      2) He has no idea of what my desires towards the game are.
      3) I would, however, say that it’s in the best interest of backers fopr him to SHUT UP, stop compromising the backers’ efforts with legal stupidities, and just let the developers to complete the game without hurries that may compromise it’s quality.

      …but I doubt that fucking retarded would get the hint. God, please strike all the imbeciles with lightning and save us from all the pain….

      • korval

        I’m a Backer for likely several times more than you and I am perfectly fine to have Derek be the voice that I do not have. #YouDoNotRepresentEveryone

        • AAAALLLL

          So you’re fine with him trying to waste the backer’s efforts with demands that make no sense and knowing that that miserable does it merely to gain notoriety towards him and his games?

          You’re a fucking idiot. And I HIGHLY doubt you’re a backer. In fact, in you were in the community you’d know backers DO have voices in there, the devs are constantly present there, and in the worst case you already knew what you were backing.

          Now return to the inmediate pleasure world you and your “voice” belongs to, and leave normal, adult persons who knows how to wait for something really good in peace.

          • korval

            Backer for $930 since 1/2013. Here’s my refund communication with CIG. Now please, shut up.

            • AAAALLLL

              Then in any case you’re merely a fucking idiot. And I’ll shut up when I want to, not because a fucking idiot tells me so.

              • korval


              • AAAALLLL

                Idiots like you only amuses me. No need to worry 😀

              • korval

                You’re definitely butthurt…

              • AAAALLLL

                Yeeeah, yeah, blahblahbllah, the little kid has always to say the last word in order to feel important, because if not he’s gonna go to bed crying 😀


    • Paul MacEwan

      The story that keeps on giving!

    • Dre’ Reavis

      His games have been crap for years, so where does this guy get the $$$ that he can throw at a lawyer because he’s butt hurt? Guy could have invested in making better games…but noooooooooooooooooooooo. He thinks it’s better spent “maybe” investing in a lawyer. I’ve gamed for 25+ years. D. Smart is the first person in the industry I’ve actually begun to hate.

    • Redhunt86 .

      it would be GOOD for EACH and EVERY backer, and pre-order to actually justify Roberts words with actual numbers.

      why would it be not?

    • David Warschauer

      maybe he should consider putting that cool mil into hiring people that can make decent games for him?

    • Jon Jones.

      “Derek sounds like he means business if he’s prepared to put his own money on the line” Derek is full of shit and possibly mentally ill.

    • AsteriaHeaven

      There are two camps to this. First camp is happy with the situation and the other isn’t and have reservations. This is new territory in game funding because of the amount raised, it’s bound to scrutinised. It’s trailblazing.

      Derek Smart aside, these questions were going to be asked sooner or later.

      I was reading something on the FPS game today, I had not read this Dev Q&A before and it seems overly ambitious to me. It strikes me they are promising the stars and I have my doubts as to whether that promise below can be met.

      “I’m a stealthy, solo player. I find a wrecked ship, i know scavengers will be around soon. I find a crate and put myself in it. I let the scavengers take the crate and put me in their ship. When i’m on their ship, some time later, i get out of the crate. Very quietly, i rummage around and find some goodies i like. I steal those… now i can either – A) Jump out the airlock and call a ride or B) go to their engine room and self destruct their ship or C) quietly hunt and execute the entire staff and take their ship…. or Z) they could have scanned the crate properly before loading it, blasted it with their ship and me with it…”

      Hopefully at the very least this will light a fire under their backsides.

      • Dre’ Reavis

        You assume a fire wasnt already there. Guess you would have preferred Activision or EA had published this so they could light a fire and release a core game like Destiny or Elite Dangerous…which neither has the planned scope of SC.

        • AsteriaHeaven

          Wrong guess.

    • Raptor Jesus

      Derek, as a victim of Chris Roberts extremely dishonest ‘bait and switch’ I would like to thank you for your efforts here.

      I paid for a ‘modern’ version of ‘Wing Commander’ (Squadron 42) and a ‘modern’ version of ‘Privateer’ (Star Citizen).

      What I’ve got is nothing while they make millions selling vaporware and pretending to make some ridiculous FPS game that I want nothing to do with.

      This will be the greatest cluster fuck in PC game history.

    • korval

      I am a veteran backer who backed through RSI’s website outside the protection of Kickstarter’s TOS. This is what happened when I tried request a full refund. I was very reasonable in my request and even offer proof showing investor fraud on Chris’ part. Even after all that CIG… well, have a read and enlighten yourself.

      • Paul Younger

        Thanks Korval. Makes for some very interesting reading.

        • Dre’ Reavis

          What’s up with PC Invasion not linking to your Star Citizen rebate poll so that people who have already voted can see updated totals?

      • Dre’ Reavis

        You said you wanted a Wing Commander clone with better graphics by 2015.
        Squadron 42 is a Wing Commander clone with better graphics. It’s got 5 months to hit the mark Chris promised to you.
        If he doesn’t get the game out by then I hope you get your money back so you can spend it on typical, less ambitious titles. Hell, go play Freespace 2 Open. $6…fun gameplay…better graphics than Wing Commander.