Descent-alike Overload has a new updated free to play version

Descent-alike Overload has a new updated free to play version

Following the release of the playable demo, Overload launched into Early Access on Steam and the free version has been updated.

For players still wanting to try the game out, the free playable teaser version has been updated to 2.0 which includes recent updates made to game.

The full Early Access version has also been updated with the following.

– Full-sized singleplayer campaign level
– Level features including cryo-chamber, energy centers and lockdown event
– 5 Challenge Mode levels
– 6 new robots
– Local and online leaderboards
– New weapon: Nova
– Smash attack.
The has also been improvements and fixes since the last playable version.

– VR recentering fixed
– Performance optimizations
– HUD changes
– More control options
– Brightness option

The full Early Access version can also be purchased now for £18.99 and if you loved Descent then you might want to take a look at this. Anyone wanting to pay the DRM-free version of the demo can find it on the official website.

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