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Destiny 2 2024 roadmap: Events, Episodes, and Into the Light

Ready for the end, Guardians?

2024 is a big year for Destiny 2. The biggest thing we are getting this year is The Final Shape, the last expansion for Destiny 2‘s Light and Dark Saga, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

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All Destiny 2 2024 content overview

Based on all the information we’ve been given so far, we know a lot of what 2024 will look like for Destiny 2, but the details are still fuzzy. Here’s a general roadmap overview of Destiny 2 in 2024, and I’ll break down everything we know about each item below:

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  • January/February – The Season of the Wish story wraps up. Moments of Triumph begins, which includes weekly reward-centric quests known as Wishes.
  • March – Guardian Games begins.
  • April/May – Into the Light begins, a period of free content that prepares all players for The Final Shape. We get a teaser of what’s coming in The Final Shape. Fireteam Finder launches. Three new PvP maps get introduced; the locations are Europa, Neomuna, and Terraformed Pyramid.
  • June – The Final Shape launches, concluding a 10-year Saga in Destiny. Episodes replace Seasons, and the first Episode called Echoes begins.
  • July – Echoes Act 1 ends and Act 2 begins.
  • August – Echoes Act 2 ends and Act 3 begins.
  • September – We wrap up Echoes Act 3.
  • October – Episode 2 Act 1 starts which is called Revenant.
  • November – Revenant Act 1 ends and Act 2 starts.
  • December – Revanent Act 2 ends and Act 3 starts.

Destiny 2 in January/February 2024

In January, we continue playing Season of the Wish quests and work on completing the Starcrossed Exotic mission to get all the Wish-Keeper Catalysts.

In February, we wrap up Season of the Wish, although it’ll technically be active until The Final Shape comes out, and we get Moments of Triumph. Moments of Triumph has been described to include weekly “reward-centric” quests known as Wishes. We don’t know much about Moments of Triumph yet, but we do know it’ll keep us busy with Wish-focused activities.

Destiny 2 in March 2024

Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2024
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Moments of Triumph will continue in March 2024, but the main event here is Guardian Games. If you’re new, Guardian Games is like the Olympics but for Warlocks, Titans, and Hunters to compete against each other.

Destiny 2 in April/May 2024

As Guardian Games comes to a close, April begins Destiny 2 Into the Light. We haven’t been given much information on what Into the Light will entail, but it’s been described as a period for both new and old players to prepare for The Final Shape. I’m hoping that means free DLC windows, but that’s just my wish.

We also know the marketing rollout for The Final Shape will begin, which means we’ll get a glimpse at the new expansion and everything it brings with it. Fireteam Finder is also promised to launch before The Final Shape, so watch out for that in April and May. Lastly, we know that three new PvP maps are coming around May.

Destiny 2 in June 2024

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When June finally rolls around, we’ll get our hands on Destiny 2 The Final Shape on June 4, 2024. This is the biggest moment of the whole year and I’m crossing my fingers it delivers.

If the information we have about Episodes is still relevant, right when The Final Shape launches, we’ll also get our first Episode, called Echoes, which replaces the Season format. Episodes are aiming to be more focused and unique by offering three six-week-long Acts that feature new stories and new activities.

Destiny 2 in July through December 2024

Destiny 2 Episodes
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Each Episode in Destiny 2 will last 18 weeks with refreshes in the form of new Acts every six weeks. This means that we’ll make it to Act 3 of Revenant, the second Episode, by the end of the year. In 2025, we’ll get the last Episode, which is called Heresy, and we’ll get whatever exists beyond The Final Shape and the end of the Light and Dark Saga.

Again, not much is known about Episodes so far, but hopefully, it’s a new model that works to increase player engagement better than the old, stale Season model does.

While I did detail everything we know about Destiny 2 in 2024, there’s still a lot of information missing. Be sure to check out when the next TWID is so you know exactly what to expect in Destiny 2 2024.

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