Destiny 2 Season Of Arrivals All 50 Savathun's Eye Locations Ruinous Effigy Catalyst Guide

Mercury locations

1. The Lighthouse – The first Savathun’s Eye in Mercury can be found inside the Lighthouse which houses Destiny 2‘s resident Osiris fanboy, Brother Vance. Just go past the weapons forge and look at the ceiling.

D2soa Saveye Loc Mercury 1

2. Mercury (left side) – This one is inside a broken Vex thingamajig near the Vex milk waterfall.

D2soa Saveye Loc Mercury 2

3. Mercury (right side) – From the spawn point, make your way to the right where the sand dunes are. There’s an eye atop one of the trees.

D2soa Saveye Loc Mercury 3

4. Mercury (Infinite Forest entrance) – Head to the entrance of the Infinite Forest and look behind you. Savathun’s Eye is on one of the Vex statues.

D2soa Saveye Loc Mercury 4

5 to 8. Pariah’s Refuge lost sector – Make your way inside the Pariah’s Refuge lost sector where four Savathun’s Eyes can be found. The first one can be spotted in the ceiling of the first room with the Vex mobs.

D2soa Saveye Loc Mercury 5

The next one is in a cubbyhole in the second room near the small statues.

D2soa Saveye Loc Mercury 6

The last two are found once you enter the boss’ room. They’re pretty high up on the walls.

D2soa Saveye Loc Mercury 7 8

9 to 10. Mercury (public event only) – The final two Savathun’s Eyes in Mercury require the public event to be active. This is because you need to clear the mobs on the left and right side platforms (especially the minotaurs), then slam on the plates just to activate the teleporter/jump pads on either side.

The left-hand side has one Savathun’s Eye in the normal area after you teleport there.

D2soa Saveye Loc Mercury 9

The right-hand side, meanwhile, requires you to destroy the crystals and jump on the platforms to reach the top.

D2soa Saveye Loc Mercury 10a

That’s where you’ll find the last Savathun’s Eye.

D2soa Saveye Loc Mercury 10b

It’s time to destroy the last five eyes in the Prophecy dungeon.

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