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Destiny 2 Dares of Eternity guide – Encounter #2

Let’s talk about the second encounter in the Dares of Eternity activity in Destiny 2. Just to be clear, I’ve only fought a couple of enemy races here due to the wheelspin RNG.


Fallen version

The key mechanic here involves the mines from Skolas/Prison of Elders. These will be guarded by Fallen Brigs, so make sure you eliminate them. Several mines tend to spawn, too, so try to defuse them in time.

When you’re done with the initial set, two bosses will spawn in sequence (a Servitor and an Insurrection Prime-sized mech). Mines will also appear, so defuse them when you can.

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Taken version

For the first phase of the Taken encounter, you’ll see Taken Minotaurs rampaging around. Destroy them and they’ll drop around six orbs. The orbs will need to be thrown at the large blight floating in the center of the chamber.

Once the blight is destroyed, you’ll enter the second phase. For this one, smaller Taken mobs with a flashing glow will spawn. They should drop three orbs each. Throw these at the larger Taken bosses to break their shields.

D2 Bng30 Dretr Gd 1b

Vex version

Similar to the first encounter, the glowing Vex will drop craniums that can deplete the shields of the Minotaurs. Once they’re taken out, a Hydra will materialize. You can continue using Void Craniums to take out its shields, though you’ll need to do this again once its HP reaches 50%.

D2 Bng30 Dretr Gd 1d

Cabal version

Just like the first encounter, you’ll throw the orbs at the Cabal minibosses to burn them with an orbital bombardment. Then, a Siege Tank will arrive. You can still damage it with weapons, but the more orbs you throw, the faster it’ll get incinerated

D2 Bng30 Dretr Gd 1e

Making a Choice and Obstacle Course #2

After clearing the second encounter (whatever version it may be), three circular platforms will glow. Step on these to determine the enemy race and boss fight that you’ll do battle with. The obstacle course that you see will also be dependent on the area that gets opened, but it’s shorter compared to the first one. In any case, you can take a look at the next sections of our Destiny 2 Dares of Eternity guide to see how you can defeat the Hive boss, Cabal boss, and Vex boss.

D2 Bng30 Dretr Gd 1c

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