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Destiny 2 Elemental Charge, Explained

Stack of armor.

The Elemental Charge in Destiny 2 is a very powerful Leg Armor mod if you know how it works. It has gone through a few changes in the years, but this is what we are left with.

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What is the Elemental Charge mod?

In a nutshell, the Elemental Charge Destiny 2 armor mod grants armor charge. It slowly builds armor charge whenever you collect an elemental pickup such as a Firesprite, Ionic Trace, Stasis shard, or Void Breach, or destroy a Strand Tangle. If you pick up an element matching your Guardians, you gain two armor charges.

Elemental Charge Destiny 2
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The Elemental Charge mod is fantastic if you’re running a build with mods that require constant armor charge. It can also be paired with Stacks on Stack to double the amount of armor charge gained. This means collecting elements of your own class could give you four armor charges in Destiny 2.

How to use Elemental Charge

Elemental Charge is a mod given to all Destiny 2 guardians and is essential for anyone looking to keep those armor charges rolling in. It is possible to have two Elemental Charge mods, but a better combo is stacking it with Stacks on Stacks to double the income.

Elemental Charge works differently for each subclass element. This table will break down just how much armor charge is collected from elements in Destiny 2.

ElementCharge x1
Stasis Shards4
Ionic Traces3
Void Breaches2

As you can see, Tagles take the least to produce one armor charge with the Elemental Charge mod equipped in Destiny 2. However, you also need to take into consideration just how long it takes to produce them and then destroy them.

Technically, Arc is the way to go when you have Elemental Charge equipped. Ionic Traces can be very easily produced and, therefore, farmed for Armor charge. However, now with the introduction of the Prismatic classes, everything is going to change.

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