Destiny 2 guide: The Dawning 2019 recipes, gifts, the Alpine Dash sparrow, and Eververse

Destiny 2 Season Of Dawn Dawning 2019 Recipes Holiday Event Guide Eververse Feat

Gifts for the Riven and Saint-14

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Destiny 2‘s new recipes for the Dawning 2019 event are fairly easy to make and hand over to the respective characters. You’ll find them in various destinations such as the Tower (Ada-1 and Benedict), the Tribute Hall (Visage of Calus), or the Moon (Eris).

What about Saint-14? Well, you’ll have to wait a bit. “An Impossible Task,” the lengthy questline that takes you through the Corridors of Time which, in the end, will let you revive Saint-14, is not yet done. There will be additional steps next week which would, hopefully, conclude the quest chain. Saint-14 should be available in the Tower by then.

Update: You can now interact with Saint-14. He’s in the Tower’s hangar and he’s got a few bounties as well.

As for Riven, you’ll be familiar with this if you’ve done the Last Wish raid. If you haven’t yet or you’d want to do this solo, then you could bypass all the encounters by using the Wishing Wall. You’ll find it just off to the side before entering Kalli’s room:

D2019 Riven Wishing 1

Spot the patches green grass and the glowing mushrooms. Then, hop and clamber around until you reach the Wishing Wall:

D2019 Riven Wishing 2

Enter the following combination (click on the image for a larger view):

Destiny 2 Season Of Dawn Dawning 2019 Recipes Holiday Event Guide Eververse Riven Last Wish Wishing Wall

  • For clarity’s sake:
  • Row 1 – bird left, fish jump, spear left, blank, snake eight
  • Row 2 – fire left, blank, blank, snake down, bird fly
  • Row 3 – fire left, blank, bird branch, snake down, bird fly
  • Row 4 – bird left, fish jump, spear left, blank, snake eight

You’ll be teleported straight to the Riven encounter area. Just stand on one of the circular floor panels to drop down. There’s a snowglobe next to Riven which allows you to turn in a Dawning treat (Thousand-Layer Cookie):

D2019 Riven Wish

While handing over various gifts, you could also grab the Alpine Dash sparrow. Find out how to obtain it here. There are also a few problems that you might encounter if you’re running out of bright dust. That’s right, Eververse, once again, seems to be causing woes during the Destiny 2‘s Dawning event.

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