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Ladies and gentlemen, we’re back once again for our Weekly Prestige Lair Guide for Destiny 2. It’s Week 6, coincidentally also the final week before August 28 when we’ll see major changes to the game prior to the release of the Forsaken expansion. How will those changes, such as weapon load-out tweaks and new milestones affect Prestige Lairs? Well, we’re not sure yet. We’ll cross the bridge when we get there. For now, let’s focus on this week’s guide for the modifier and load-out restriction.

Week 6 Prestige Lair Modifier: Prism

Once again we’ve got Prism as the modifier for the Prestige Lair activities. As usual, the Prism element rotates from Void -> Arc -> Solar every 25 seconds. Proper timing of when to start the DPS phase is the key to making boss fights a breeze. You’ll want to make sure that your team is using the correct elemental weapons or subclasses which would be used to take down the bosses. Likewise, be sure to equip your raid class item to get a 25 percent elemental damage boost with your abilities.

Week 6 Prestige Lair Armsmaster

Kinetic – Scout Rifles

Nameless Midnight, which is one of the best scout rifles in Destiny 2, will be the best option here.

Energy – Pulse Rifles

Inaugural Address is a top option this week. You can also go for Graviton Lance even though that means losing your exotic slot which isn’t highly recommended.

Power – Linear Fusion Rifles

There are only a handful of linear fusion rifles in Destiny 2 so there’s a small pool to choose from. If you aren’t using an exotic, Sleeper Simulant is the best choice. You can see the video below of a team of Destiny pros one-phasing Valus Ca’uor in Spire of Stars. As you can see, there wasn’t even a Prism elemental buff yet. Otherwise, if you ended up using a Graviton Lance, you can go for the Tarantula which is a legendary linear fusion rifle.

The Prestige Lair Boss Guide

Eater of Worlds – Argos

Argos, as usual, is fairly straightforward. Nightstalkers generate orbs, and then everyone just spams their supers during the DPS phase. Don’t forget that you can delay breaking Argos’ shield until you’re at Solar to do the most damage. Solar element is, of course, going to provide the highest DPS output owing to Gunslinger, Sunbreaker, and Dawnblade supers. The Sleeper Simulant also does over 200k damage to the boss.

Spire of Stars – Valus Ca’uor

Even though the timing is trickier for this boss fight, there are still ways to make it manageable. Start the encounter as soon as you spawn in (likely a few seconds before Arc switches to Solar). That way, it will be Solar by the time the Gladiators come out.

If you’re going to use the Sleeper Simulant strategy seen above, blow up the ships a ten seconds after it switches to Solar polarization. This ensures that you’ll have Solar when the DPS starts. Stand next to the boss and shoot the ground between his feet to “bounce” the Sleeper Simulant shots. The refracted beams do tremendous damage. You can also melee the boss when he’s about to stomp to negate the knockback.

If you want to go with Arc — Arcstriders and Stormcallers super spam — then blow up the ships ten seconds after the Prism switches to Arc. That way, you’ll have Arc polarization for the Arc Staff and Stormtrance.

We did the latter for our team and all it took was good communication and delaying blowing up the ships for a few seconds. If everything goes well throughout the run, by the time you’ve armed the door panels Void polarization should be about to switch to Arc. Once the switch happens just do a countdown until your retained players need to head up top.


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