Destiny 2 Beyond Light Born In Darkness Quest Guide

Getting a new Stasis grenade

Destiny 2: Beyond Light‘s Born in Darkness quest eventually lets you obtain your first Stasis grenade via the Exo Stranger.


Step 1:

  • Defeat 50x Vex on Europa to obtain Energized Radiolarian Fluid.
  • Defeat 20x enemies with shatter damage. You need to freeze enemies first and then punch them for the shatter effect. You can do this easily with the Salvation’s Grip exotic grenade launcher. Alternatively, you can pop your Stasis super to freeze them, and then right-click for a nova-like shatter effect.

Step 2:

  • Complete 3x playlist activities with the Stasis subclass equipped.
  • 60x enemies affected by Stasis. Use Stasis in playlist activities; defeating Guardians grants the most progress. You’re better of completing this in Vanguard strikes since, if all other players are running the Stasis subclass, you’ll get credit for these kills and procs.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Born In Darkness Quest Guide 2a1

Step 3:

You’ll need to defeat yet another Fallen leader and their platoon. This time, the patrol is in Riis-Reborn Approach.

Head to the location marked on your map since it’s inside the facility itself. Once you spot the large Darkness crystal, the Fallen will start spawning.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Born In Darkness Quest Guide 2b

Step 4:

Next, take out enemies and boss inside the Perdition lost sector in Cadmus Ridge. Speak with the Exo Stranger in the side chamber and insert the Skeleton Key for more exposition.

Step 5:

Return to the Beyond zone. The Exo Stranger will give you a new Stasis grenade.

A couple of activities have also opened up:

D2bl Unlock Stasis Grenades Exo Stranger 1

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