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The Destroy All Humans! remakeĀ is a week out from launch, and THQ Nordic has lifted the lid on a previously unreleased mission. “The Wrong Stuff” never made the final cut in the original release from now defunct developer, Pandemic Studios. The bonus level has since been restored and reinserted into the remake, though.

Thankfully, the bonus level will be included with the base game, rather than dangled as an enticing pre-order or special edition bonus. THQ Nordic has released a teaser for the new mission alongside its announcement, and it looks like it’ll be your typical alien investigation. That being to infiltrate Area 42, and find out what plans the humans have for the alien race.

Destroy All Humans! in all new ways

Elsewhere, a trio of videos have been released, looking at the weapons of Destroy All Humans! These are the Disintegrator Ray, Psychokinesis power, and the latest reveal, the Anal Probe. That last gun sounds particularly invasive, and you don’t need to know it’s made by extraterrestrials to watch out for it.

Destroy All Humans! remake

The CRYPTO-137 Edition includes everything from an alien backpack to a statue of Earth’s infamous invader.

A few weeks ago, we also reported on the Area 42 trailer. This teaser showcased a similar mission premise, but with significantly more carnage on screen. In short, if you’ve ever wanted to infiltrate Area 51, the Destroy All Humans! remake has you covered, and then some. As long as you don’t mind fighting as an alien that is.

Destroy All Humans! is out July 28, and has multiple packages to choose from. The standard edition will set you back $30.00 USD, where as the DNA Collector’s Edition and Crypto-137 Edition are available for those who want to scoop up some special swag. There’s also a free demo available right now on Steam and GOG, which features the the first mission of the game, plus a bonus challenge mission.

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