Digital download platform Desura have issued a statement explaining why payments to developers have been missed, and what the company intends to do about it.

    Citing 2014’s acquisition of the company, attendant “very difficult issues,” office relocation, and the unfortunate hospitalisation of the Desura CEO, the post by Head of Developer Relations Lisa Morrison nonetheless assures people that staff are “working hard to address the concerns and fears surrounding delayed payments.”

    Morrison states categorically that “we will absolutely be paying all accounts due,” and urges concerned developers to contact her by one of the following methods.

    “IRC: Irc.freenode.net #Desura
    Email: [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected]
    Twitter: @Desura, @LadyAijou”

    She says that any developers getting in contact by those methods will receive a personal reply.

    “The entire site and client are being completely redone, to give developers far more control,” says Morrison’s statement, adding “I hope that our devs will work with us on the solutions, and will please bear with us a little while longer as we implement the changes that are needed. “

    Peter Parrish

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