Deus Ex gamble pays off for Square Enix

Publishing Deus Ex: Human Revolution has done wonders for Square Enix’s short-term financial forecasts. The company has revised its estimates for the first half of the financial year, more than doubling the expected profits. Sales of Deus Ex and increased revenue from “web content” were cited as the main reasons for the revision.
Square had a dreadful financial year in 2010/2011, recording losses of $148 million USD, which may have had more than a little to do with the quality of Final Fantasy XIV.
Deus Ex: Human Revolution was originally scheduled for release in Feburary this year, but was delayed by Square and pushed to August (a new financial year). Many commentators (myself included) felt this was a gamble by the publisher, resting on the hope that Deus Ex would sell well enough to provide stronger financial results for 2011/2012, rather than simply being lost in the 2010/2011 figures.
That scheme was never officially confirmed, but what isn’t in doubt is that Square’s forecast profits for the six months ending September 2011 have been revised up to $47.2 million USD from $19.2 million USD.
Forecasts for the full financial year remain unchanged, however, due to the strength of the Japanese Yen (meaning Square, like Nintendo, take tremendous losses in foreign exchanges).