Metro Mystery Rocket

In this DLC, you’ll be able to play with this mystery rocket.

Here’s a behind the scenes look at our news-selection process: there’s a press release out today concerning Metro: Last Light’s next couple of bits of DLC. Tim already wrote about precisely what each one will contain in yesterday’s news post about a mysterious screenshot, because that information has been around for ages.

But this press release does contain one (literally, just one) additional bit of information: a release date. That release date is 17 September, at which time the ‘Developer Pack’ (the third of the ‘Season Pass’ foursome) will be available on Steam.

That’s worth a news post, but it’s such a tiny piece of info that it then becomes necessary to flesh out the rest of the text with waffle like … I’ve just done. Hurrah.

The Developer Pack comes with a shooting gallery, an AI Arena and Tim’s favourite Metro: Last Light solo mission in waiting, the Spider’s Nest. It’ll cost $4.00 USD as a stand-alone, but obviously nothing if you already own the $15.00 USD Season Pass.

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