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Say Cheese is one of the achievements you can obtain in The Devil in Me. It involves Mark’s usage of his camera, and a bit of luck so that you’ve got your pals around. Here’s our The Devil in Me Say Cheese achievement guide to help you take photos of all crew members as Mark.

Note: For more information, check out our The Devil in Me guides and features hub. Likewise, please be reminded that this guide contains spoilers. Lastly, we’ve also got a Crime Scene Photographer achievement guide for all the required objects/sceneries.


The Devil in Me Say Cheese achievement guide – How to take photos of all crew members and characters

The Say Cheese achievement in The Devil in Me involves taking photos of all crew members while controlling Mark. That means there are three key factors:

  • Mark is a playable character in that chapter.
  • You must have full control so the camera can be used. It won’t be possible if Mark’s just part of a conversation cutscene.
  • The other characters must remain alive until such time that Mark can take pictures of them.

Moreover, if you want to get the Say Cheese achievement in The Devil in Me, you’ll need to be aware of a key moment during the Workshop chapter. Mark will fall down a chute, and his camera will get snagged. Once he drops down the basement, you need to press the correct QTE button to grab hold of the camera. Otherwise, it’ll plunge down a vat of acid and it’ll be lost forever. Also, shortly thereafter, you’ll see a camera lens on top of a shelf. Mark can use his tripod to reach it.


Mark and Kate have several scenes together. These include the Scouting and Mannequins chapters.

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Erin and Charlie

Both characters need to stay alive until you reach the Lighthouse. In Erin’s case:

  • Blackout: Take the inhaler and don’t attack Du’Met.
  • Various chapters: Don’t use the inhaler when prompted.
  • Silver Ash: Hide inside the closet.
  • Breathless: Choose to “kill” Kate in the Suffocation Room.
  • Maze: Once the group reaches the farmhouse, run and barge through the door instead of climbing up the incline.

As for Charlie:

  • Ignition: Open the grate twice.
  • Waste Disposal: Pass the QTEs and minigames so Charlie doesn’t get grinded down to bits.
  • Cliffside: Complete the “Don’t Breathe” minigame while hiding in the curing vat.
  • Cliffside: Gingerly make your way across the wooden plank.
  • Lighthouse: Side with Charlie and don’t tie him up. This means you’ll have to reload your save if you want to get the Guilty achievement.

All the above will ensure that both Erin and Charlie will enter the lighthouse alongside Mark. After checking the fake tape recorder upstairs, you can use Mark’s camera to take photos of the two characters.

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To be clear, Jamie is the only crew member for The Devil in Me‘s Say Cheese achievement who doesn’t share a chapter where Mark is playable. As such, there’s no way to take a photo of her during a Theatrical Cut solo run. However, it might be possible for your buddy if you’re playing co-op, but I’m not 100% certain yet.

What about the Curator’s Cut?

Lastly, what’s clear is that you can take photos of all crew members in The Devil in Me in one go, but you do need the Curator’s Cut. You’ll unlock this once you’ve completed the Theatrical Cut campaign. Just select New Game when starting out, and choose the Curator’s Cut option.

Progress further until you reach the Opportunity chapter. Instead of controlling Charlie, you’ll play as Mark instead. Since everyone’s chilling at the dock, you’d be able to take pics with your camera.

Note: The Curator’s Cut is only available for those who preordered the game. If you weren’t able to preorder it, then you’ll need to wait for a few months until it’s added to the base game.

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The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me is available via Steam.

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