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Last month Blizzard confirmed that the anniversary event The Darkening of Tristram would be returning to Diablo 3 this year and the dates have now been set.

The Darkening of Tristram takes Diablo 3 players on a nostalgic Diablo 1 trip through the Cathedral with retro¬†graphics and audio. Sadly it fails to capture the real atmosphere of Diablo 1, but it’s not a bad attempt even if the Diablo battle is nowhere neat as suspensful as the original in Diablo 1.

The event brings numerous rewards, and if you do tackle it, we recommend you start a spanking-new character otherwise it’s a bit easy. This special event is accessed via The Old Ruins in adventure mode and all you need to do is hunt down the blue portal to get started.

There’s a good guide up on DiabloWiki.Net which points players in the right direction and lists rewards that can be obtained by taking part. Well worth a read.

The Darkening of Tristram event runs¬†from 1 January until 30 January. This is what it looks like…

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