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Blizzard has now released the Diablo 3 2.5.0 patch onto the live servers.

This update brings a couple of important quality of life changes including the new Armory to store different build and the new Crafting Mat storage which should free up some inventory space.

This patch also adds Primal Ancient Items which are geared at players “who have largely completed gearing for their build and finished their Season Journey, but want to continue playing”.

Greater Rift levels have also been changed in this update as well as the frequency that certain tilesets are generated. Caves, Keep Depths and Zoltun Kulle’s Archives will appear less while Stinging Winds, Festering Woods, Pandemonium, Tristram Cathedral, Arreat Crater and Realm of the Banished will appear more.

Overall, this update adds a few neat features as players prepare to battle their way through the upcoming Season 10 which will start on 31 March.

Check the full patch notes over on Diabloii.Net.

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