Earlier this eveing it appears that an important meeting was held at Blizzard which could suggest we will see a release date coming very soon.
According to a source, last week an initial meeting was held to discuss plans for the game and today’s meeting appears to be a follow-up.
Blizard CM Zarhym posted a Tweet this evening which read:
“This meeting’s high-level shit, yo. Gettin’ all professional up in this bitch.”
He later confirmed via Twitter that the meeting was indeed related to Diablo 3.
At the moment there are game mechanics still to be revealed by Blizzard such as the rune system and it appears that Blizzard are just about ready to reveal the features. Blizzard Diablo 3 CM Bashiok Tweeted:
“We’ll be sharing some of it in the next couple weeks.”
These recent developments certainly indicate that Blizzard are getting ready to make some big announcements in the next couple of week’s, the release date being one of them.
Update: We can confirm that today’s meeting at Blizzard was concerning the release date. Watch this space.
Source: Diablo: IncGamers.

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