Blizzard have announced that Diablo 3 is going to be released on the Xbox. The Xbox edition will be called Reaper of Souls: Ultimate Evil Edition and will be available on both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One on August 19th. This edition will feature all the content already available on the Xbox 360 version and will also include new challenges, a new class and new areas for “countless hours of gameplay”.

The new class available is called the Crusader who is described as being “Clad head to toe in fortified armor, the Crusader is an unstoppable force of righteous destruction who channels the power of divine wrath to visit retribution upon his demonic quarry,”

Reaper of Souls will also lengthen the original campaign by one chapter that will have players “embark on a dark and perilous journey through terrifying landscapes; explore the legendary city of Westmarch; and slay countless minions, each hell-bent on bringing the players’ heroic quest to a grisly end. The adventure culminates in a climactic confrontation with Malthael, the Angel of Death, whose twisted designs spell ruin for the innocent people of Sanctuary.”

Local and online co-op for up to four players will return and there will be a mode called Apprentice which will boost lower level players’ skill as long as they are playing amongst high level friends. Players will be able to share loot plus the paragon progression system has been expanded for maxed out characters. There are also some smaller additions which you can see below:

Adventure Mode: A new game mode that gives players the freedom to go anywhere and slay anything
Bounties: Randomised objectives that reward players in new ways for exploring Sanctuary
Nephalem Rifts: Fully randomised dungeons offering endless replayability and heaps of loot
Level Cap to 70: Formidable new spells and abilities that take players to new heights of power
The Mystic: A powerful new artisan who provides heroes with loot-customisation options

“The Ultimate Evil Edition brings Reaper of Souls to console gamers for the first time, and wraps all of the content, features, and updates we’ve released for Diablo III into one epic package,” said CEO and co-founder of Blizzard Entertainment, Mike Morhaime. “Whether you’re a veteran of the crusade against the forces of evil on PC or are just stepping foot into Sanctuary for the first time, there’s never been a better time to experience Diablo III from the comfort of your couch.”

Source: Total Xbox

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