Diablo 4: How to unlock Mutterlock and Silent Chests

Diablo 4 How To Unlock Silent Chests Overworld Chest
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Blizzard’s Diablo 4 contains many avenues to chase loot, ranging from dungeons, world events, damage types, and chests. Of course, chests can be found throughout the world and come in various types. Some new types of chests to Diablo 4 are the Mutterlock Chest and Silent Chest, which can only be unlocked under certain conditions. Fortunately, we know how to unlock Mutterlock and Silent Chests in Diablo 4

Diablo 4: Mutterlock Chests – What they are, and how to unlock them

Later on in the game when you start venturing into Nightmare Dungeons, you might find a Mutterlock chest. Like silent chests, these are pretty rare (I have 50+ hours in Diablo IV and have yet to encounter one) and add a puzzle-solving aspect to the mindless mob killing. They look just like silent chests, with a chain and lock around them. When trying to open one, a Mutterlock chest gives you a number of phrases to choose from. Choose correctly, and the chest opens. Choose incorrectly, and the chest disappears for good.

Fortunately, it’s not a purely RNG guessing game. Near the Mutterlock chest, there are three monuments containing inscriptions: a Birth inscription, a Life inscription, and a Death inscription. When activated, the inscriptions speak one word each, making up the three needed to unlock the chest. The inscription words must also be in the correct order: Birth, Life, Death. Simply pick the three-word phrase that matches the Birth, Life, and Death inscriptions, and your Mutterlock chest will unlock.

The full list of phrases include:

  • Vemp et maldus
  • Sint la maldus
  • Sint et palox
  • Vemp la maldus
  • Vemp et palox
  • Sint la palox
  • Sint el maldus
  • Vemp la palox

What loot do Mutterlock Chests contain?

From what players have reported on Reddit, the contents of Mutterlock Chests aren’t anything special. Expect to find potions, gold, and a few pieces of rare or better armor.

It’s possible to get sacred and ancestral items, but whether or not the process of opening the chest is worth it is up to you. As someone who grabs every piece of loot they can possibly hold, I think opening a Mutterlock Chest is worth the hassle. Knowing my luck, I’d end up with just Rare Boots and a potion, though.

Diablo 4: Silent Chests – What they are, and how to unlock them

Silent Chests are chests that rarely spawn in various areas. Their rarity can’t be understated; they’re quite few and far between. If you find one, you’ll notice little chains and a lock around it, distinguishing it from other kinds of chests. You need a Whispering Key in your inventory to open a Silent Chest. Whispering Keys can be bought from a Purveyor of Curiosities for 20 Murmuring Obols each.

Diablo 4 How To Unlock Silent Chests Purveyor Screen

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Accordingly, if you find a Silent Chest, you have two options on how to unlock it in Diablo 4. Either buy Whispering Keys ahead of time and keep some in your inventory (they go into the consumables section so that they won’t take up any precious looting space), or portal back to town, buy a Whispering Key, and portal back to the chest.

There are two Purveyors of Curiosities in the Fractured Peaks area. Here are their locations:


Diablo 4 How To Unlock Silent Chests Kyovashad

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Diablo 4 How To Unlock Silent Chests Yelesna

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Unlock Diablo 4 Silent Chests: Where to find more Murmuring Obols

A popular way to get Murmuring Obols is to complete world events. The amount you get depends on your performance during the world event. For example, if you do a caravan event, you get more Obols for keeping all civilians alive. In addition to Whispering Keys, you spend them on random gear for a specific slot. Once you pick the slot you want, the result could be terrible or it could be incredible and build-defining. In many ways, Murmuring Obols seem to be a revamping of Kadala and her Blood Shards from Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls

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