Diablo 4 leaks hint to new class – Spiritborn

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Blizzard said that the new Vessel of Hatred expansion will bring with it a new class. Some Diablo 4 leaks hint that the new class is called Spiritborn.

Although the leaks may not be true, many Diablo 4 fans are speculating on what this Spiritborn class might be. Seeing as the leaks mostly predicted the expansion correctly, it’s even more likely for the Spiritborn class to be real.

New Diablo 4 class leaked to be Spiritborn

While the leaks on ResetEra originally thought the expansion would be Lord of Hatred, they were just one word off from the true name. This makes me believe the Diablo 4 Spiritborn leaks, even if they shift the name slightly. During BlizzCon 2023 on November 3-4, Blizzard announced and confirmed the Vessel of Hatred expansion, alongside a new class and region. But it never named or detailed the class, except data miners discovered the Spiritborn class.

But what is this Spiritborn class about? Well, from the information gathered, they have to do with nature and flying. The files mentioned wings as well. Spiritborn can also use Glaives, which would be a new unique weapon type.

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Unlike other classes in Diablo 4, Spiritborn will use two resources called Vigor and Allegiance. While Vigor would represent the Spiritborn’s physical vitality and endurance (from their bond with the sky and earth), Allegiance is their spiritual connection to creatures and nature. Spiritborn can use Allegiance to call upon nature’s spirits for aid, which sounds like an exciting ability.

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Maybe you read all that and think the leak can’t be true since all this sounds too similar to Druids. While you’re correct on that, since Druids are connected to nature, Spiritborn differs in other ways. Here are some more details from the leaks on ResetEra:

The Spiritborn, a class deeply rooted in the elements of nature and the spiritual realm. They are the children of the wild, born from the spirit of the plains, sky, soil, and forest. Their souls are intertwined with the world around them, drawing strength from the very essence of life and nature.

Strakt on ResetEra

Based on how detailed the leaks are, I’d be surprised if they didn’t turn out to be true. We’ll just have to wait until we find out more about Vessel of Hatred and its launch in late 2024.

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