Diablo 4 Open Betas Begin in March

Diablo 4 Open Betas begin in March

An exciting opportunity.

During this weekend’s IGN Fan Fest 2023, Blizzard announced that Diablo 4 will have open betas beginning in March. In this action RPG’s fourth installment, you will be exploring dungeons and collecting loot to build your character in a demonic open-world setting. While it sets to release on June 6, Blizzard will provide Open Betas and Early Access playthroughs. For those who have pre-ordered Diablo 4, you can play the early access beta March 17-19. Anyone is free to play the Open Beta version on March 24-26.

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Diablo 4 Open Beta welcomes you to play through Act 1

Diablo 4‘s open beta and early access weekends will allow players to play from the Prologue and all through Act 1. The Fractured Peaks, the first zone, is where your journey will begin. The beta will let you choose among five classes: Barbarian, Sorceress, Druid, Rogue, and Necromancer. The generous length of this open beta also lets your character reach level 25. Experience character creation, defeat hordes of hellish enemies, and earn yourself strong loot this March.

Diablo 4 Open Betas Begin in March Dates

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Blizzard makes it clear that this is not the finalized product, and it will listen to player feedback. If you’re unsure if this is the right game for you, you can at least try out the open beta to make sure. But if you’re itching to play the early access version after pre-purchasing Diablo 4, follow the instructions on Blizzard’s website to redeem an early access Beta code.

If you’re interested in what the developer has to say about the game, tune into the Diablo 4 Developer Update Livestream on February 28. This video will feature the game director, lead systems designer and lead world designer airing at 11 AM PT. Blizzard will elaborate more about the details of this Open Beta, while touching on Diablo 4‘s different systems, such as the Armor and Strongholds.

A new cinematic announcing the open betas was revealed during the weekend showcase. The game is looking just as eerie and intriguing as its predecessors. If you played and loved any of the older Diablo games, there’s a good chance you will like what the trailer has in store. Diablo 4 will be available on PC this summer.

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