Diablo 4 video showcases the world of Sanctuary, with dungeons to explore and dogs to pet

Diablo 4 Video Showcases The World Of Sanctuary pet the dogs

A new deep-dive video from the developers at Blizzard reveals Diablo 4‘s world of Sanctuary. If you’re interested in the newest game in the Diablo series, you should probably tune into this nearly eight-minute video shared by the team. The new Diablo 4 video showcases the world design of Sanctuary, the eerie dungeons to explore, the monsters to demolish, and the dogs to… pet.

The macabre design of the classic Diablo games inspired the art direction of Diablo IV. Whether you’re above or below ground, the art design is crafted with early Diablo design in mind. The environments showcased also look diverse and filled with things to interact with.

Diablo 4 video showcases new designs and discoveries

The Diablo 4 video discusses how some monsters from the series have been through major redesigns. Harrison Pink, the senior quest designer, had this to say when speaking on the creature designs:

“The Fallen family has gone through a major redesign to make them feel more grim, a little scarier, a little darker, to match the tone of Diablo 4.”

While each enemy has different types of attacks and abilities, they’re coherent and synchronized on the battlefield. Also, each enemy adapts to the environment, and each region is home to its own types of enemies. Not only are there dangerous monsters, but wildlife creatures as well. And of course, you can pet the dogs. The world of Sanctuary seems to be an unsettling yet alluring land with tons to discover.

Diablo 4 Video Showcases The World Of Sanctuary Dog

Image via Blizzard

Exploration is another key part of Diablo IV. There are plenty of activities to engage in such as strongholds, side quests, bounties, bosses, invasions, and much more. Events may pop up when you least expect it, alongside quests with meaningful stories and arcs to experience. The world of Sanctuary also holds dozens of towns and cities that act as havens from the dangerous lands that surround them.

Players will soon be able to uncover secrets and rid the world of Sanctuary from evil in Diablo IV, which releases on June 6. If you want to play it early, there will be an open beta in March.

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