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Diablo III: What does Whisper of Atonement do?

Delve into the Echoing Nightmare for this Legendary Gem.

There are tons of Legendary Gems in Diablo III with insanely powerful effects. For example, the Legacy of Dreams gem increases character power massively, as long as that character has Legendary items equipped and isn’t benefiting from any set bonuses. However, there’s one Legendary Gem whose powers aren’t so clear: the Whisper of Atonement. In this guide, we’ll explain what the Diablo III Whisper of Atonement does and where you can find it.

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Whisper of Atonement effects

First, let’s talk about what the Whisper of Atonement does. It’s a Legendary Gem created for Season 26. It became a permanent part of the game in Seasons 27 and 28.

Caldesann’s Despair

Before we can talk about the Whisper of Atonement’s effects, we need to discuss Diablo III‘s item augment system. The last recipe in Kanai’s Cube is Caldesann’s Despair. It applies augments to Ancient and Primal Legendary items. The recipe for Caldesann’s Despair is as follows:

  • An Ancient or Primal item
  • A Legendary Gem of at least rank 30, but 100+ would be most beneficial
  • Three of whichever stat gem you’d like to base the augment on
    • Vitality – Flawless Royal Amethyst
    • Dexterity – Flawless Royal Emerald
    • Strength – Flawless Royal Ruby
    • Intelligence – Flawless Royal Topaz
    • Flawless Royal Diamonds cannot be used

Diablo Iii Whisper Of Atonement Recipe

Of course, the gems you use determine the augmented stat. For example, if you use Caldesann’s Despair on a pair of legs with a level 100 Legendary Gem and three Flawless Royal Rubies, the legs will permanently gain 500 Strength. The Legendary Gem’s level x5 determines the amount of primary stat augmented on the item. Meanwhile, the Flawless Royal gems determine which primary stat to augment.

Whisper of Atonement

Now that we understand how item augmenting works, we can understand what the Diablo III Whisper of Atonement does. It doesn’t do anything; it’s a Legendary Gem created for exclusive use with the Caldesann’s Despair recipe. This way, you don’t have to sacrifice your valuable Legendary Gems like Bane of the Powerful or Legacy of Dreams. Instead, you farm the Whisper of Atonement.

Diablo Iii Whisper Of Atonement Drop

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Whisper of Atonement Locations

You can get the Diablo III Whisper of Atonement from the Echoing Nightmare activity. This is an endgame activity where you fight several waves of enemies until you’re overwhelmed and defeated. You receive rewards based on how long you survived when defeated. These rewards include experience, items, Blood Shards, gems, and a Whisper of Atonement. Your performance pre-ranks the Whisper of Atonement that drops.

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Diablo III Whisper Of Atonement Petrifiedscream

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You start the Echoing Nightmare by transmuting a Petrified Scream in Kanai’s Cube. Petrified Screams drop from Greater Rift Guardians, and transmuting them in the cube opens a portal to the Echoing Nightmare.

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