Developer rejects the comparison, saying that they’re not “straying from their own ideas”.
Some commentators have said that Battlefield 3’s campaign is closer to what we’re expecting from Modern Warfare 3.
We here at IncGamers are included in that bunch, going so far as to say that Battlefield 3’s single player is aimed at capturing the Call of Duty audience by presenting a similar atmosphere in its campaign mode and asking whether that was the right tactic for DICE to employ.
You can read our full thoughts on the first two-hours of Battlefield 3’s campaign here.
DICE has since responded to such comments, saying that they’re going for something very different from the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and that they’re not comprising their own “formula”.
“We’re not straying away from the formula,” said Patrick Bach, executive producer on Battlefield 3. “It is a very different feeling we’re going after. We’re not straying away from our own ideas.
“We are looking at our own stuff, maybe a bit too much at times because sometimes you forget to look at what everyone else is doing. But of course it adds a lot of pressure when people’s expectations are that maybe we should do something else, rather than doing what we’re doing.” 
Bach’s words were echoed by those of lead game designer David Goldfarb, who insists that DICE are doing their “own thing” and that the feeling they want is “very different” from MW3: 
“…we don’t want to always have the meter pegged at 11 when it comes to pacing,” said Goldfarb.
Source: EG

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