With the destruction-focused Dirt Showdown on the verge of release, many long-term Dirt fans are worried that the series is abandoning its traditional rally roots.
However, speaking to IncGamers in a recent interview, Dirt series producer Iain Smith has moved to reassure fans that that’s not the case and that Dirt 4 will be aimed very much at rally fans.
“…Paul Coleman, our chief game designer on Dirt has worked on Showdown and is a rally driver himself,” Smith told us, “he is the biggest rally fan I’ve ever seen and his mind is very much set on producing Dirt 4 and making a game that will appeal to that hardcore audience. That will tick all of the boxes and go deeper into the rally experience and take what we’ve been able to do to the next level.”
Smith refused to let slip when Codemasters are planning on releasing Dirt 4, but he did say that it’s “definitely on the way.”
Our full interview with Iain Smith can be found here. Check back this Thursday for our full review of Dirt Showdown.
Image above is from Dirt Showdown.

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