Iain Smith, associate producer on Codemasters’ upcoming Dirt Showdown, has told us that the game is largely inspired by the success of a certain online mode in Race Driver: Grid.
“The idea [for Dirt Showdown] has been in our minds for quite a long time,” said Smith. “Essentially, we’ve always prided ourselves on our car damage simulations and because of that we implented a demolition derby mode into Race Driver: Grid which, for the longest time, was the most played mode online. So, we could see people really liked that kind of idea.”
So, there you have it kids, at least one developer does look at metrics other than Metacritic to decide what to work on next.
Our full interview with Iain Smith will be live next week. Before that, our final preview of Dirt Showdown is due this weekend. A full review will follow in the coming weeks.

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