dirty bomb

Splash Damage are slowly but surely expanding the map pool in their F2P FPS Dirty Bomb and a new one now ready for testing.

Recently Splash Damage added the Dome map which was one of the maps that appeared during the alpha test and now it’s time for another to be added to the pool.

This weekend, starting from now and running until Monday, a new protoype game mode called Execution will be tested. This also brings a new map called Canal. Note that the map is in what they call “Blockout State” which means it won’t have lots of pretty textures to be amazed at.

This map apparently focuses more on “close quarters combat and verticality” although I’m not exactly sure how much closer they want  players to get, the other maps are not exactly sprawling as I mentioned in my review.

The Execution mode is explained in this video below and the only difference this time is the game is played over rounds and there’s no respawining. The objectives are pretty much what you’ve been playing already on the other maps.

Paul Younger
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