Tomorrow (22 November) sees the release of The Division’s Survival Mode DLC and the free 1.5 update for the game. Those who’ve been playing on the PC test servers may already have seen what Survival has to offer, but everybody who owns the DLC will soon get a try.

Having crash-landed in a fierce snowstorm, agents in Survival Mode will need to take care of cold, disease, hunger and thirst if they’re to make it out of the situation. Warm clothes, crafting supplies, medicine, and food are all out there; but another 23 agents will also be looking to make use of them. And inside the Dark Zone, there’s a new threat called The Hunter: “a swift advanced enemy who displays proudly the watches of the agents he has killed”.

Both PvP and PvE play are possible in Survival Mode.

Even if you don’t own the DLC, The Division will be getting a sizeable update. Version 1.5 has been detailed in full over here, and includes World Tier Five as well as several pieces of named equipment. Here’s the Survival trailer.


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