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Doom Zero releases today as an add-on to classic Doom

Zero to 100.
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Bethesda has been developing updates for its rereleases of the original Doom and Doom II for awhile now. Today it announced on the official website for Doom via the Slayer’s Club that the next add-on for the game drops today. Dubbed Doom Zero, this add-on brings 32 new levels with new bosses, new sounds, new music, and new sprites.

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Doom Zero still plays a lot like the original two games, but adds some extra wrinkles to the formula, including branching pathways. Of those 32 new levels, two of them are secret levels, and Doom Zero even adds four player co-op to the mix. Doom Zero originally started as a mod released last year on the day of Doom II‘s 25th anniversary, and is now receiving an official release through Bethesda.


Doom Zero manages an impressive balancing act of staying true to how the original two games played, while adding its own unique elements. Be warned though, this is a version of the game intended for those of a high skill level that are very proficient with classic Doom. This is no cakewalk, that’s for sure. It will require precise movement and the ability to stay cool under pressure as you are assaulted from all sides. Not to mention all while navigating some of the most maze-like levels in a (now) official release of classic Doom.

Have you got the big guts?

This mod was originally designed by 35 year old Christopher Golden, who hails from Krugersdorp, South Africa. He also helmed the project entirely by himself, which is impressive to say the least. Chris is even working on his own game called Falconet, which should be very interesting to those that like the kinds of mods he makes. To download Doom Zero, just login to and search the add-ons tab, download it, and make sure to press the “Toggle Activation” button to activate it. Now return to the main menu and enjoy some Doom Zero.

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