In case you haven’t heard, the Tim Schafer led Double Fine Studios is building an old school point and click adventure. Yep, those still exist.
The twist is that, because publishers are unwilling to take a punt on the genre anymore, Double Fine have taken to crowd sourcing website Kickstarter to ask the games buying public for the production money.
Dubbed ‘Double Fine Adventure’, the initial request was for $400,000. The total now stands at $1.86 million, from over 54,000 backers who have pledged between $1 and over $10,000.
Today, Tim Schafer has said that the game will be free from DRM for anyone who makes a pledge and that the game will be “a lot better” thanks to the amount of money invested.
Currently, PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android platforms are all confirmed to get a release of the game. It will have an English language voiceover with text translated into Spanish, French, German and Italian.
Anyone that has made a pledge will also receive access to the beta through Steam.
If you want to pledge, visit here. Pledges close on 18 February.

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