It’s certainly a different way to raise funds for a new videogame project and it’s a great way for fans to show their support for an unreleased title. Over the past few hours Double Fine have been busy raising funding support for a new point and click adventure game. 
To the surprise of Tim Schaefer, they have already surpassed their goal of $400,000 USD for the project and the amount is rising fast.
Double Fine plan to create a new point and click adventure, a genre that has been a bit ignored in recent years but has played an important part in bringing PC gaming to the masses. If you are old enough to remember Tim’s previous adventures such as Day of the Tentacle then you’ll know doubt have some very happy memories of playing the game, it was an absolute classic.
Since then Double Fine has created titles such as Pyschonauts, Brutal Legend, Costume Quest and Stacking, but it seems that Tim wants to get back to his roots, and through the fund rasing site Kickstarter, his new project is gaining a lot of support.
Over the next six to eight months Tim will be guiding a small development team as they create a new point and click adventure. The plan is to keep the development transparent so that backers of the project can see how the game is progressing and the game creation process will also be part of a documentary series that fans can watch to see exactly how the game creation process works.
If you like the idea of the project then you can pledge your support by making a donation via this page, and if you donate over certain price brackets, you can receive extras including signed posters and HD versions of the documentary to download.
This morning Tim Schaefer was overjoyed with the repsonse to the project and Tweeted:
This has been an incredible night, thanks you crazy people.
One thing’s for sure, watching the development of this game is going to be incredibly fun.
[Update]: Astonishingly, this has now passed $1,000,000 USD in under 24 hours.

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