Dragon Age 2 ‘Champion’ Trailer

There’s a new trailer abound, featuring little stylised vignettes of the three (count ’em) classes in Dragon Age 2.
According to this footage, you can either play as a warrior (angry, scowling, covered in blood, slashes people to bits,) a mage (angry, scowling, covered in blood, zaps people to bits) or a rogue (angry, scowling, covered in blood, slashes people to bits but in a different outfit.) Lots of choice there, I’m sure you’ll agree.
Where, though, is Ms. Ladyhawke? Sadly, just as Female Shepard is airbrushed out of pretty much all Mass Effect advertising, so too is Female Hawke missing from this trailer.
Find out where she went when Dragon Age 2 is released on 8 March for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Or grab the demo when it comes out on 22 February.

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