A suspicious Dragon Age date has appeared in retail copies of Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening.The retail boxes, according to 1UP, contain a card featuring the familiar Dragon Age dragon along with a date: 02.01.2011, which presumably means 1 February 2011 if we convert it into an international date format.What could it be? Well, EA’s financial report last month did reveal that an unannounced Dragon Age title was aimed at financial Q4, which fits in with that date.It seems a little early to expect Dragon Age 2, but who knows? It certainly seems to be a major date for the franchise, but it seems too far away to be related to DLC or another expansion. Then again, forthcoming expansion Awakening has been in development for a year according to our interview with Dragon Age producer Fernando Melo, so perhaps the timing will be just about right.Speaking of our interview with Dragon Age producer Fernando Melo, you might want to have a look at our event video – containing snippets from the full interview, which will run this afternoon – our Dragon Age news list, and our Awakening hands-on in order to keep current with the franchise. There’s a lot going on.

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