Dragon Age Could Be MMO

IncGamers has learned that BioWare could consider making Dragon Age an MMO. In an interview with our very own Tim McDonald, BioWare’s franchise producer, Fernando Melo, said there was “enough material there and there’s enough richness to the world that we could do it.”Although the game is a critically acclaimed RPG, the story and universe which BioWare has weaved has meant there is definitely scope for an MMO.”Whether we want to or whether it’s something that we would consider doing, time will tell,” said Melo, going on to say that there are already “lots of stories” the team wants to tell.Crucially though, Melo said that the game was made around the story, and Dragon Age was a story driven affair which could only work best as an RPG, allowing them to tell those stories.”I think once we’ve established that, then potentially we could look at other genres.”If you’ve not read or seen anything about Dragon Age: Origins, where have you been?!  You can check out our review of Dragon Age: Origins, our preview of Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening and our video interview with Fernando Melo.  There’ll be a full transcript of the interview going up tomorrow, so do check back for more Dragon Age: Origin news.

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