June 19th, 2017

Dragon Age: Inquisition PC mouse and keys stream on Monday

dragon age05
This image doesn’t have much to do with mouse and keyboard controls, but it is Dragon Age: Inquisition.

A great deal of the Dragon Age: Inquisition footage shown so far in videos and livestreams has been from the PC version, but they’ve largely been gamepad controlled. On Monday 13 October (most likely around 10-11am Pacific Time,) BioWare will do stream a stream focused on the mouse and keyboard controls.

This was announced at the end of today’s PS4-focused stream by BioWare’s Mark Darrah. You can hear it for yourself by skipping to around the 50 minute mark of this archived footage. He did add the caveat “if we can figure out how to do it in this room,” but hopefully that won’t be a problem.

Darrah also says there will be a stream of the Dragon Age Keep system tomorrow (Friday.) The rest of the stream showed off more character creation (on the PS4) and a bit of Hinterlands gameplay.

At the start of this week, on 6 October, BioWare’s Cameron Lee tweeted that we should expect some “cool PC news.” Since that news hasn’t really appeared yet (unless you count Dragon Age: Origins being given away for free,) perhaps Monday’s stream will now be the source of this.

Dragon Age: Inquisition players are hoping for word of the PC system specs, which haven’t yet been released. Others have speculated about mod tools, but I’d imagine that would be very unlikely. Update: The PC system specs have been announced today.

The game is due to launch on 18 November in the US and 21 November in Europe.

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    • Tim McDonald

      “If we can figure out how to do it in this room”? Do they not have space for a keyboard? Okay, so if you’ve got no desk then a keyboard/mouse isn’t ideal, but it’s still workable…

      I’m avoiding as much on Dragon Age: Inquisition as I can so that I can go into it totally blind (because I’m assuming I’ll be reviewing this). I eagerly await your “Dragon Age: Inquisition seems great/okay/terrible on mouse and keyboard” news item.

    • theIntern

      Inb4 they only swap the button prompts.