Two more of your prospective party members in Dragon Age: Inquisition have been profiled at the game’s official site. Both Grey Warden loner Blackwall and Qunari counter-terrorism expert (kind of) The Iron Bull are explained in interview style by (respectively) BioWare writers Sheryl Chee and Patrick Weekes.

Dragon Age Inquisition blackwall (2)

Yeah, take that invisible forest monster.

Blackwall is a pretty serious fellow. A staunch defender of the more high-minded ideals of the Grey Wardens, he’s heavily invested in the idea of “those who place themselves between the people of Thedas and the oncoming Blight.” He’s a chap who likes to act, rather than sit around waiting for a new Blight to just show up. As far as he’s concerned, there’s more evil in the Dragon Age: Inquisition world than just darkspawn.

The Inquisition bump into Blackwall when trying to contact the Grey Wardens. Formerly a loner, he sees the Inquisition as a proxy through which to restore order, so he throws his lot in with them for the time being. As a veteran of war, Blackwall doesn’t put himself about the average soldiers and seems to have little time for those who abuse power.

Dragon Age Inquisition blackwall (3)

Have at thee, sand dunes.

The Iron Bull, meanwhile, is a former Ben-Hassrath internal agent, used to working against rebels from the inside. He’s been sent by the Qunari infiltrate the Inquisition and find out what they’re up to. However, The Iron Bull seems a bit sick of all this deep undercover secrecy, and realises the Inquisition agents would probably sniff him out: so he’s just up front about his mission.

It’ll be up to the player to decide whether they can live with him sending reports back to the Qunari, in return for The Iron Bull’s aid as a party member and access to his spy network information. He’s described as “casual, friendly, and confident,” as well as a bit of a larger than life character when it comes to boozing and socialising. Doesn’t seem to like demons much, though.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is coming to the PC on 7 October. If you missed the previous character profile, of Sera, you can read about that here.

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