That Dragon Cancer, has succesfully raised the minimum $ 85,000 goal for funding.

The game’s creators have shared this message in an update:

Since we have surpassed our original goal, we wanted to offer some small tokens of thanks for helping us reach our future goals. Every dollar that we raise beyond the original goal will help us avoid $75,000 in debt as we complete the game.

That means we’ll be even closer to working on our next project: a special gift we have in mind, a Top Secret feature that we can’t wait to share with the world. 🙂 Until then, we would like to offer small gifts to say thank you.

They also revealed several stretch goals, the first of which they are close to reaching at the time of this writing (now $93,375 funded)

$ 95,000 high resolution digital poster, made by Stephanie, sister of creator Ryan Green.
$ 110,000 digital art book of game assets. This will not be made available for sale later.

You can still catch up and help fund That Dragon, Cancer for two more days here.

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