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Dragon Quest Treasures: Best team builds

Team builds make the dream work.

You can build some awesome monster teams in Dragon Quest: Treasures. As new options become available, choosing the best combinations might prove overwhelming, especially when you need to go up against the heavy hitters. Here is our guide to the best team builds in Dragon Quest: Treasures.

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Best team builds in Dragon Quest: Treasures

As with any such list, ours includes some combinations that may not be the perfect fit for you. However, the team builds we’re sharing have a high chance of success for the purposes indicated. Adjust any listed build as needed to clear the scenarios giving you difficulty. Teams listed below have the name of the monster with its most relevant Forte in parentheses, but also pay attention to available skills.

Dragon Quest Treasures King Slime In Battle

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Best team build for playing defensively

  • King Slime (Launch)
  • Golem (Launch)
  • Deserted Armor (Sprint)

If you want to survive a long while in tough battles, the above team has staying power. Deserted Armor and Golem both withstand a great deal of damage, while King Slime heals them when they get in trouble. If you still find your monsters running low on life, consider using the Orc King instead of the Deserted Armor or Golem.

Best team build for playing offensively

  • Orc King (Scan)
  • Great Sabrecat (Sprint)
  • Queen Slime (Launch)

There are other offensive monsters you might like better than the ones mentioned above, but a lot of them aren’t accessible until late in the campaign. The above team is more readily available and very powerful. Queen Slime adds buffs to party members so they hit even harder. Great Sabrecat deals strong wind and lightning damage. And the Orc King has powerful healing capabilities, in addition to its ability to buff team members and hit hard itself.

Dragon Quest Treasures Finding Chest

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Best team build for finding treasure

  • Great Sabrecat (Sprint)
  • Hoodlum (Scan)
  • Gigantes (Scan)

Usually, you want to hunt treasure while avoiding frequent interruptions by enemies. With Great Sabrecat, you can dash all over the place, while Gigantes and Hoodlum can use the Scan Forte to find goodies you might overlook. The latter two also hold four treasures at once, ensuring you can come away with quite the haul on a quick run. If you’re less concerned with speed, consider swapping out the cat for someone stealthy. Unfortunately, they likely won’t be able to carry as much treasure.

Best team build for exploring

  • King Slime (Launch)
  • Great Sabrecat (Sprint)
  • Orc King (Scan)

The King Slime is an all-around player with healing capabilities, which are nearly always useful. The Sabrecat is one of the best monsters in Dragon Quest: Treasures, and can cover a lot of ground in short order. The Orc King adds even more healing capabilities so you don’t have to pause too often for recovery.

Dragon Quest: Treasures is available to buy on Steam and the Nintendo eShop.

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