Best augments for all vocations in Dragon's Dogma 2. Augments tier list.
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Dragon’s Dogma 2 Augments tier list: Best Augments for all Vocations ranked

Choose wisely.

Augments are essential in optimizing your build in Dragon’s Dogma 2, as they can significantly increase defense, attack power, weight capacity, and much more. This guide examines all Augments in Dragon’s Dogma 2 from each vocation and puts them into a ranked tier list.

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Dragon’s Dogma 2: All augments tier list

Best augments in Dragon's Dogma 2 tier list
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Before we get into the augments tier list, it’s essential to understand how they work.

In Dragon’s Dogma 2, players can unlock 47 augments. Five are available for each vocation, except for Warfarer, who has only two. As you level up a vocation, you’ll unlock its augments, which can then be used on any vocation you’d like. For example, to unlock “Mettle,” you must reach rank two as a Fighter. After reaching rank two with a Fighter, you can use the Mettle augment on any other vocation.

In other words, to create the ultimate build with the best augmentats in Dragon’s Dogma 2, you’ll have to play as multiple vocations. With that out of the way, let’s get into the tier list.

Here are the best Augments for all vocations ranked in Dragon’s Dogma 2:

SFugacity, Subtlety, Sustainment, Zeal
AApotropaism, Ascendancy, Beatitude, Constancy, Detection, Diligence, Dominance, Endurance, Exaltation, Intrepidity, Mettle, Sagacity, Verve, Vitality
BAmelioration, Athleticism, Allure, Asperity, Avidity, Catalysis, Enlightenment, Intervention, Lethality, Opulence, Perpetuation, Pertinacity, Polarity, Stasis, Thew, Vigor
CDynamism, Gratification, Impact, Obfuscation, Poise, Prolificity, Radiance, Voracity
DAmbuscade, Conveyance, Dominion, Provocation, Refulgence

S Tier augments

Dragons Dogma 2 Bow Fight
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The four Augments in the S-tier ranking are the best of the best, and their effects are unmatched. They can be used to increase the effectiveness of any build in the game, no matter which vocation you’re playing.

For starters, Zeal reduces the stamina spent when performing weapon skills. Weapon skills are pretty much the primary way you deal damage in Dragon’s Dogma 2, and the more you can execute, the higher your damage output will be. This makes Zeal one of the best Augments in the entire game.

Next, we have Subtlety, which decreases the likelihood of being targeted by foes. This is incredible for any build, as it results in taking less damage as the enemy focuses on your pawns instead of attacking you. As for Sustainment, expect your pawns to get a massive bump in survivability, as it will increase their Defense and Magick Defense. I highly recommend you pair Subtlety and Sustainment together for the best results.

Lastly, we have Fugacity in the S-tier. Fugacity is a game changer because it lowers the chance of getting attacked by enemies while camping or riding an oxcart. In other words, Fugacity is an augment that simply makes the game more enjoyable and removes the tediousness of purchasing more camping kits, getting off the oxcarts for battles, etc.

FugacityDecreases the likelihood of being beset by hostile targets while camping or riding in an oxcart.
SubtletyDecreases the likelihood of being targeted by foes.
SustainmentAugments the physical Defense and Magick Defense of pawns in your party.
ZealReduces the Stamina consumed when perlörming a weapon skill.

A Tier augments

Best Archistaves in Dragon's Dogma 2
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The augments in the A-tier focus on stat increases such as raising defense, increasing carry weight, speeding up stamina recovery, etc.

Depending on which vocation you’re playing, certain augments in the A tier will be better for your build. For example, Sagacity increases the Magick stat, making it one of the best augments for the Sorcerer, Mage, or Magick Archer. On the other hand, Mettle increases the Strength stat, which is perfect for Fighters and Warriors.

Then there are augments in the A-tier that are simply the best for any vocation you choose. Diligence is a good example, as it increases the speed at which the user recovers from being downed or crawling. Then there’s the Detection augment, which notifies the player if they are near a Seeker’s Token, which is fantastic for exploration and can improve the overall joy you get from the game.

ApotropaismAugments your Magick Defense.
AscendancyAugments the Strength and Magick of pawns in your party.
BeatitudeIncreases the amount of Health recovered by curatives and curative magicks.
ConstancyAugments your Knockdown Resistance.
DetectionAlerts you to the presence of any Seeker’s Tokens or Wakestone shards in the vicinity with sound and blinking light.
DiligenceHastens recovery when downed or crawling.
DominanceAugments your Knockdown Power.
EnduranceIncreases your maximum Stamina.
ExaltationAugments your Stamina recovery speed.
IntrepidityReduces cumulation of the loss gauge when receiving damage.
MettleAugments your physical defense.
SagacityAugments your Magick.
VerveAugments your Strength.
VitalityIncreases your maximum Health.

B Tier augments

Dragons Dogma 2 Warrior Dragon
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The B-tier augments are solid choices but don’t make as big of a difference in combat as the ones higher in this list. That said, they can still help in certain situations and make your build more manageable.

For example, the Thew augment increases the amount the player can carry. This can reduce the annoyance of continuously combining, discarding, or storing items, allowing you to pick more up on your adventure. Vigor is also a solid choice if you enjoy climbing on large monsters, as it reduces stamina consumption while doing so.

At the end of the day, B-tier augments offer good benefits but nothing that can drastically increase the potential of your vocation.

AmeliorationReduces the amount of time taken for fallen pawns to revive.
AthleticismReduces Stamina consumed while dashing.
AllureEnables you to raise your affinity with people more easily.
AsperityIncreases the likelihood of inflicting debilitations with your attacks.
AvidityEnables you to clamber up cliffs and scale foes and other surfaces more quickly.
CatalysisIncreases damage dealt when exploiting a hostile target’s elemental weakness.
EnlightenmentYou have a chance of creating one more of the resulting product when combining materials.
InterventionReduces the duration of debilitations you are afflicted with.
LethalityIncreases damage dealt when striking a target’s vitals.
OpulenceIncreases gold obtained when acquiring gold pouches.
PerpetuationExtends the duration of enchantments and invigorations.
PertinacityImproves your ability to break through an opponent’s guard.
PolarityAugments your Strength during the day and your Magick anight.
StasisReduces the rate at which items deteriorate.
ThewEnables you to carry additional weight.
VigorExtends the duration of enchantments and invigorations.

C Tier augments

Dragonsplague Symptoms How To Cure Dragons Dogma 2
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The augments we placed in C-Tier are lackluster, and no vocation benefits much from them. Simply put, there’s no point wasting an augment spot on these.

I’ll give you some examples of why this is true. For starters, Radiation causes your lantern to consume less oil and illuminate a wider area. While that can help a lot at night, it’s kind of pointless since you can easily craft oil with rotten food, and the standard illumination radius is pretty large.

Next, there’s Gratification, which slightly restores HP upon a killing blow. It sounds good, but it really isn’t because the restoration is minimal, and there are plenty of other ways to heal in the game.

Equipping the augments in the C tier won’t break your build, but they would take up a spot when you could easily place a much better augment in its place.

DynamismReduces the amount by which weight affects your movement speed.
GratificationSlightly restores Health when you deliver the killing blow to a foe.
ImpactImproves your ability to push and pull targets when grabbing hold.
ObfuscationDecreases the likelihood that hostile targets will detect you when you are not in battle stance.
PoiseReduces the Stamina consumed when struggling in a foe’s grip.
ProlificityIncreases the likelihood that smaller targets will drop items.
RadianceCauses your lantern to consume less oil and illuminate a wider area.
VoracityRecovers a small amount of Stamina when you deliver the killing blow to a target.

D Tier augments

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Augments found in the D Tier are even more pointless than the ones mentioned earlier and should be avoided at all costs. These are just awful for any vocation you may choose in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Provocation is a prime example, where its effect “increases the likelihood of being targeted by foes.” I don’t know who in their right mind would want to be targeted more by the enemy. This augment is perfect for your pawns, but never equip it to yourself. Or Dominion, which allows you to carry and ping down enemies for longer, is worthless as this is an action you will rarely do in combat.

AmbuscadeIncreases damage dealt by your attacks when targets are not in battle stance.
ConveyanceHastens movement speed while carrying or lifting.
DominonAllows you to Iift up and pin down foes for an extended duration.
ProvocationIncreases the likelihood of being targeted by foes.
RefulgenceIncreases the amount of rift crystals obtained when acquiring rift fragments and the like.

That concludes the ultimate augments tier list for Dragon’s Dogma 2. We hope this guide has helped you strengthen and perfect your character for the endgame. Speaking of endgame, make sure you learn about the true ending so you can extend your journey.

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