A haunting Valentine’s Day gift appears in DreadOut to spook you even more.

    It’s been a while since DreadOut from Indonesian developer Digital Happiness was launched on Steam and back in December they released the DreadOut Act 0 Prologue. Today they have released Act 2 of the horror title.

    DreadOut is a pretty decent game, and if you love scary Indonesian folklore, then this game is definitely worth your time as there’s plenty of gruesome scary moments. And I don’t just mean the toilets in Act 1 which were particularly filthy.

    Act 2 is a free update for those who own the original game and 22 Steam Achievements have also been added in this update.

    If you want to try DreadOut first you can grab the demo from Steam. You can also read our review for more impressions.

    As well as the new Act there are also a few games changes worth noting which are as follows.

    • The current version is asset-optimized for 32-bit system. Many 64-bit users might notice some textures’ downgrade, we will resolve this issue with hi-res texture pack for 64-bit system later.
    • Updates to our Steam Cloud integration so users will not be required to have a file system friendly name anymore. This eliminates cases where some users were forced to rename their Steam’s display name for the sake of playing DreadOut.
    • Some minor tweaks to DreadOut shaders and input system.
    • a new addition of experience setting, for turning on or off clue and ghost vignette, limbo distance, Limbo message etc. so that you guys can play it at your own preferences.
    • Added 22 new Steam achievements & soundtracks
    • On fresh install, DreadOut might have some glitches relating to user profile, simply exit the game and run it again.

    Paul Younger
    Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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