September 5th, 2017

Dreamfall Chapters dated for October, says new video

Dreamfall Chapters dated for October, says new video

Dreamfall Chapters - 06

The first part of Dreamfall ChaptersReborn – will be launching on 21 October, according to an announcement released alongside a video and some screens.

I’m not going to lie: anything which implies that I might get to play Dreamfall Chapters soon makes a little bit of wee come out. The Longest Journey and (in particular) Dreamfall are two of my favourite adventures of all time, even though the latter can’t really be described as a good game because its actual game elements are slightly rubbish. But the story, the dialogue, the voice-acting, the world-building, the characters, the plotting, the entire thing is an utterly sublime narrative experience. And yes, I know how wanky that sounds. Won’t do it again. Sorry.

Dreamfall Chapters is the continuation of the Dreamfall story, and is scheduled to be released as five individual chapters. The first, named Reborn, has now been dated for 21 October. According to the devs in the video below, though, you don’t need to worry if you haven’t played the other The Longest Journey games – Dreamfall Chapters is set up to introduce you to the characters and the backstory as it goes on.

Have a look at the video and the new screens below.

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