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Reader Anbear sends us word that Dreamfall Chapters has secured additional funding from the Norwegian Film Institute. You can read a list of ten titles that were given grants for development here, as long as your Norwegian isn’t too rusty. Even if it is, you can probably figure out the gist.

Drømmefall Kapitler (Dreamfall Chapters) secured 2.0 million Norwegian Krone, which is roughly $340,000 USD or £200,000 GBP. Anbear notes that Red Thread Games also got support in 2007, 2012 and 2013, bringing their total to 4.7 million Nok (or $800,000 USD.) This is separate from the $1.5 million USD raised by the game on Kickstarter, so the funding pot should be looking pretty healthy.

The latest on the release date for the game (posted on 4 May) is that Red Thread is “still aiming for November of this year, but game development is a fickle beast and we have no intention of delivering an unfinished, unpolished or un-fun game.”

Here’s one of the more recent videos of the game in motion, a walkthrough of the Friar’s Keep area with commentary. It has spoilers for previous Dreamfall titles, so watch out for those.

Thanks to Anbear for sending this news our way.

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