Dreamfall Chapters out now

dreamfall chapters

Let loose the fireworks: Dreamfall Chapters has just hit Steam.

Following a delay of what turned out to be about five hours, Book One of Dreamfall Chapters is now available, with the remaining Books to follow in 2015. The price point: £23.99. It should also be up on GOG and the Humble Store in short order, if it’s not already live.

Dreamfall Chapters is a continuation of the story of Dreamfall, which itself was the sequel to The Longest Journey. Dreamfall ended in a… rather dark place, and this picks up a little while after that. From what I’ve played so far you really should play Dreamfall before diving into this, but until I actually finish it and can pen a review, I can’t say for sure. Still, The Longest Journey and Dreamfall are excellent and should be played anyway.

Review up as soon as I finish this, which – depending on the length of Book One – may be tonight. We’ll see!

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