Today, and for the near future, EA’s Origin service invites you on a journey back to 1997 with a free copy of Bullfrog’s Dungeon Keeper. Return to a magical time when Peter Molyneux was a revered and respected developer who delivered exciting games.

Dungeon Keeper, for those who don’t know (although let’s be honest, most people interested in this have probably played it before), was a top-down-ish strategy title in which you constructed a devious dungeon and protected it from invading ‘heroes’. You know, the usual poncy Knight, Paladin, Elf types who are just in town for some easy gold.

You’ll need to have (or start) an Origin account to claim the game, and doing so should be as straightforward as following the link I posted up there. Or opening up your Origin client and navigating through Free Games and On the House to get it that way. As with previous On the House Origin titles, once you’ve claimed it it’ll remain in your library.

The freebie deal itself will expire at some unspecified point in the future, so if you want Dungeon Keeper you may as well grab it now.

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