Dying Light 2 How To Start Bloody Ties Dlc Quest First Blood
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Dying Light 2: Bloody Ties is available now. At least, it’s supposed to be, according to a tweet from developer Techland. Here’s the kicker: you might encounter a few issues to get it to pop up in-game. Here’s our Dying Light 2 guide to help you start the Bloody Ties DLC quest called First Blood.

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Dying Light 2: Bloody Ties guide – How to start the First Blood DLC quest

Here’s the gist if you want to start the Bloody Ties DLC quest in Dying Light 2:

  • Make sure you own the Bloody Ties DLC.
  • Go to your Steam library -> Dying Light 2 -> Manage my DLC -> take note if the DLC has a check mark and that it’s installed.
  • A pop-up on the main menu should appear (seen below), letting you know that it’s working.
  • Complete the prologue and reach Villedor. The DLC quest, First Blood, should appear in your journal.
  • You can go ahead and tackle that whenever you feel like it. However, it’s recommended to reach the main quest called A Place to Call Home. This is the halfway point of the campaign, where you’ll finally unlock the fast travel function in the game.
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What if the quest doesn’t appear?

This actually happened to me. I was given a review code, and I made sure it’s installed. When I loaded my backup save (before the point of no return), the quest didn’t appear at all. Here’s what I recall:

  • Upon launching the game, I did see the notifications that Bloody Ties is installed, as well as others telling me about previous updates/events.
  • When I loaded my save, there was an NPC talking to Aiden. The quest didn’t appear at all.
  • I decided to exit and relaunch Steam.
  • Once I could control my character, I fast traveled to the Fish Eye subway station and rested.
  • I climbed to the Fish Eye bar and waited a bit. That’s when the First Blood quest popped up, alongside a marker on the map.
  • From there, I went ahead with the mission objectives.

Note 1: This was how I got the Dying Light 2: Bloody Ties First Blood quest to show up on my end. Do keep in mind that this is for the review build, not the live/retail build available to everyone. What I also recall is that the DLC isn’t supposed to come out until November 10, and not the evening of November 9, as we’ve seen. I can’t be certain if this has anything to do with current issues regarding the quest.

Note 2: If you’re playing the live build, you may need to check if there’s a game update that occurs. One more option is to verify the files by right-clicking the game on Steam -> Properties -> Local Files -> Verify integrity of game files.

Dying Light 2 is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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