June 19th, 2017

Dying Light CPU optimisation patch “is coming”

Techland has confirmed that a Dying Light patch that addresses problems with CPU optimisation “is coming” in a post on the developer’s official forums. That’ll be welcome news to the numerous PC players who’ve been experiencing optimisation issues with the game.

Update 30 Jan: This patch is now out. The rest of the original story follows:

Details are pretty sparse at this point, with just “CPU Optimization, Save game issues, and more” listed as upcoming changes. This official word fits with the changes people have been seeing through SteamDbb’s history tool, which shows something called “patch_test_01_29b” getting accessed pretty regularly.

At present, there’s no timeline for when this patch might be issued.

The Dying Light team say they have received “massive” amounts of feedback, both good and bad, about game performance.

While PC players wait for the patch, there are some potential tweaks and fixes which may help ease the performance pain. This Reddit suggestion for multicore CPUs appears to have gained a few frames for some people. More advanced users may wish to take a look at this other Reddit thread, which includes a way to remove the rather irritating film grain and (some of the) chromatic aberration effects from the game.

In terms of options provided by the game itself, the Draw Distance slider appears to be the biggest drain on FPS. Try lowering this, then lowering things like texture quality or shadowmap size. The Nvidia-labelled stuff should be turned off too.

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  • Comments: 4
    • Yosharian

      Game is really good. Some of the graphics are questionable. Standard zombies don’t look particularly good, their heads look like… crash test dummy heads? And there’s too much LENZ FLARE-style effects going on. Overall the game is very good aesthetically, though.

      • TheCanadian0495

        I think it looks excellent, at least in terms of shadows and lighting. I never get up close to look at the zombies, because I’ll just die XD

    • xnamxoutlawx

      How about a play more than 10mins without crashing patch huh?

    • Eat_the_Fetus

      Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck this game, runs like a pleb