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Image from Techland

When game developers makes creates games in a specific genre, it can be jarring for fans when they stray from their usual path. That seems like the case when it comes to Polish developer, Techland. The company is best known for its take on the zombie post-apocalyptic genre with titles like Dead Island, Dying Light, and Dying Light 2. The Dying Light developer recently reiterated its focus and development on an unnamed fantasy RPG title.

Dying Light developer diving back into its fantasy RPG

There isn’t a set of rules that developers follow when creating new IPs. However, companies tend to gain a reputation when it comes to their track record in development. It would be a similar case if Call of Duty developers decided to make a JRPG instead of the next first-person juggernaut. Techland recently tweeted out some concept art for a game that, as PC Gamer rightly pointed out, was announced about seven years ago.

That’s about the time the first concept image was shared back in 2016. At this point, it’s difficult to determine how long actual development has been taking place. Dying Light 2 saw many delays during its five-year dev cycle, finally seeing the light of day in February 2022.

Techland Dying Light Devloper Fantasy Rpg

Image via Techland

There really isn’t much else known about Techland’s new property in the development. However, the last line of the tweet suggests something with parkour-type elements. That is further driven home with the image featuring a character posed, clutching to a massive tree as they stare out onto fresh open lands to explore.

The summer will undoubtedly bring in new reports from the games industry despite many big-name publishers bowing out of events like the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). The vacancy from big AAA publishers does provide a little breathing room for third parties to showcase what they’ve got in the works. Techland, who has had a presence the past few years, might be ready to show off more about this mysterious RPG its go in the works. Or, it could all just be fantasy.

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