Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition is released today on PC, so let’s have a look at the graphics options it offers. A full review will be forthcoming on IncGamers, but the code only just showed up so I’m still slashing through it. For now, here are some screenshots from the graphics menus and a brief look at how they translate in-game.

Edit: If you’re having problems with loading and/or black screen crashes, try these suggested fixes. Edit 2: As of 26 May this issue should now be patched.

dynasty warriors 8 PC (1)

Pretty straightforward stuff here. Resolution options extended to my monitor’s native setting, and there’s an option for windowed mode if you fancy using that. 16:10 resolutions do not appear to be supported, sadly. 1080p is reportedly the highest resolution available. A pair of V-sync choices are available, and there are quality options for texture filtering and cut-scene movies.

The cut-scenes don’t exactly look amazing when set to “high” though, it has to be said.

dynasty warriors 8 PC (7)

Wrong! They’re weirdos.

Yep, it’s Dynasty Warriors.

It’s also possible to redefine the controls to your liking.

dynasty warriors 8 PC (3)

Oddly, even when using a controller, Dynasty Warriors 8 kept showing the keyboard prompts at the bottom. That’s an amusing reversal of the usual situation with console ports. During the tutorial, it just shows the symbols for each action (like the little horse head for ‘Call Horse’) which is somewhat confusing since you don’t really know what key/button that might be without referring back to the control menu.

Anyway, moving on from the basics we’ve got some slightly more in-depth options to pick from.

dynasty warriors 8 PC (2)

Everything’s a bit greyed out there because it’s defaulting to “high,” but you have options for the following: Characters (how much sword-fodder is on-screen at once,) Fog Distance (draw distance, effectively,) Graphic Detail, Texture Quality, Dynamic Shadows, Shaders and Post Effects.

Here’s how things look in Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition with everything on high, and at 1080p. As you’d hope, I didn’t experience any slow-down from 60fps on this first Wei level using a box with an i3-2100 / 8 GB / 2GB 7870 in it.

dynasty warriors 8 PC (4)

Doing a reasonable job living up to “many” characters on-screen, there.

dynasty warriors 8 PC (6)

Hacking at some hapless swordsmen.

dynasty warriors 8 PC (5)

Seriously, do not pursue him.

As should probably be expected Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition isn’t any kind of graphical powerhouse, but if your hope was for a port that would run at 60fps/1080p (or whatever your native monitor res happens to be) you’ll probably be cheerful enough. Here are a few more screenshots that you can click on to expand if you fancy.

[Edit] I’ve been asked about the stage loading problems Jim Sterling has been suffering from on PC. The Wei campaign has been working fine for me (I’ve played more now,) but not for him. That’s obviously a pretty major concern until the problem is identified. As noted above, this issue should now be patched.


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