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No alarms and no surprises in EA’s upcoming 2014/15 PC games line-up, but the publisher does have things in the works for March 2015 onwards. As part of EA’s financial declarations today, it included a slide featuring “announced titles” for the upcoming financial year. One of them was listed as “to be announced,” possibly as an ironic joke, but the rest were pretty much what you’d expect from the company.

The PC will be getting FIFA 15 (hopefully with the latest engine this time,) The Sims 4, Dragon Age: Inquisition and that exciting TBA title which, given the timing, is probably a Battlefield. Maybe they’re reissue Battlefield 4 in working form, who knows.

There’s a distinct absence of Star Wars titles on there, nor any sign of a new Mass Effect. However, in a post-results financial call, EA did confirm that has “six” other titles planned for future years and will be showing said games off at this year’s E3. One of those may well end up being a Need For Speed title. EA has stated that although there will be no Need For Speed this year, developer Ghost Games is working on a new one. The new Mirror’s Edge is likely one of these too.

Most (if not all) of that could make its way to the PC.

Another slide in the near-impenetrable financial presentation noted that Dawngate, EA’s MOBA effort, is slated for a 2015 (financial year) release as well. Quite why that one is missing from the other slide, I don’t know.

EA appears to have done quite well this year, although these financial documents are designed to present the company is as positive a light as possible and be borderline incomprehensible to a layperson, so who really knows. Under GAAP (generally accepted accounting principles,) the company had an annual net income of $8.0 million USD. That’s down from $98.0 million USD reported last year, but a steady improvement from the peak Riccitiello years when the company would regularly file substantial losses.


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