Elden Ring Carian Study Hall Pedestal Inverted Ranni Divine Tower Of Liurnia

Elden Ring Carian Study Hall guide – The normal tower

Let’s discuss the normal version of the Carian Study Hall tower in Elden Ring.


When you enter Carian Study Hall, you’ll see a specter and a pedestal in front of a globe. If you try to interact with it, it says that something fits, but you’re not sure what that is.

Ignore it for now and proceed further.

Eldr Lotlk Car Sdyh Inv 2

As you make your way to the massive library, you’ll be attacked by a hostile NPC named Preceptor Miriam. She’ll primarily use a charged Glintstone Greatbow, which is going to hurt if you can’t avoid it. While this is going on, several Glintstone Specters will also attack you.

Ideally, you’ll want to roll to avoid Preceptor Miriam’s projectiles. Damaging her will cause her to teleport periodically until she reaches the next area. At the top, you’ll find a Carian Glintstone Staff as well.

Eldr Lotlk Car Sdyh Inv 3a

The next area has several beams that you can reach by climbing a ladder. The beams are actually a good spot to trade shots with Preceptor Miriam, as your bow/crossbow would be able to cancel her spellcasting. You may also sidestep to avoid her blast. However, beware of other Specters that are attempting to climb, too.

In any case, defeating your foe nets you the Magic Downpour Sorcery spell.

Eldr Lotlk Car Sdyh Inv 3b

Next, continue climbing so you can grab the Cerulean Seed Talisman. It boosts FP restoration from Flasks of Cerulean Tears.

Now, you might be wondering why there’s an upside-down staircase and a watery area that will instantly kill you. Well, since we got all the loot from the normal variant, let’s see what we can do to turn everything around. All right, let’s go to the next part of our Elden Ring Carian Study Hall guide to talk about the important item that we need.

Eldr Lotlk Car Sdyh Inv 3c

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